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5 Years in Dnipro!

"I want to say 'THANK YOU' to all my students for a fantastic 5 years!  

I invite you to my FREE 8-HOUR lesson."

 - Andy Allinson


NOVEMBER 6th, 11 - 21

Andy's FREE 8-hour lesson
We thank you for your interest in Andy's event.
Unfortunately, all lessons are FULL.

Гриль-ресторан "Стейкерс"

ул.Андрея Фабра (Серова), 2

Andy "massages" Ukrainian English into Real Life American English. In this class, he highlights common pronunciation, sentence construction and vocabulary mistakes Ukrainians make.  

Become an "article expert" in fifty minutes!  Andy's lesson will help you understand and use articles correctly.

"Coffee Life"в ТЦ «Европа"

бул. Европейский, 1д

Andy turns the class into a photo gallery of pictures from the book, "Hungry Planet".  He transfers the English from your mind to your voice with an eye-opening observation exercise.

Гастро-хаос "Yes"

пр. Д. Яворницкого, 59а

As you watch "The Fly Guy" episode of "Simon's Cat", you learn and use some very popular phrasal verbs and vocabulary in one of Andy's most innovative lessons.   

Do you want to become a good conversationalist? Are there times when you want to talk, but you don't know what to say ? Andy teaches some basic principles on creating and keeping conversations going.  

Americans love peanut butter.  After a fun quiz and discussion about peanut butter, Andy makes you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Yummy! This is both an "English experience" and an English lesson - a perfect combination - just like peanut butter and jelly.  (first 10 students that register get a sandwich)




Students practice what they have


Students use what they learn


Students have an “English experience”


Students have a great time

Each class has a different theme, but each class will showcase his methodology, energy, passion and his unique way of making each lesson so much fun.
 Sunday, November 6th
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