Our convenient and efficient format saves transportation time, cost and hassle. Zoom is perfect for private students or small groups

A private Telegram or Viber chat is created and students have 24/7 access to both a Ukrainian and native teacher

Portions of the lesson are recorded for review 

Energized - Empathetic - Useful - Interesting - Fun lessons

Each group or private student has a shared Google lesson doc and every student has an individual speaking doc to track progress

Every Thursday, 20:00

Topic are
always useful,
and fun

Take the



Ivlana Gorbachova

Director, Lighthouse English Club

When I attended one of Andy’s lessons, I didn’t expect it would be so lively and useful. To be honest, I have seen few teachers working with such enthusiasm, teachers who can encourage a student so that the best result is achieved in a light and entertaining manner.

Viktoriay Bryzhak

Railway Engineer

Andy is always welcoming and friendly towards others and takes great pleasure in facilitating a warm atmosphere which encourages people to open up. When you go to his lessons you never know what to expect. He’s creative and full of energy which he’s always willing to share.

Anna Kosova, MD


Studying with Andy allows you not only to learn and practice English, but he opens a whole new world of communication to you.

I enjoy our lessons and I really like this Zoom platform. The audio and video quality are realy good and it's really convenient

Dmitry Babeshko

Google Doc

Our Google doc becomes our virtual “whiteboard” where student speaking mistakes are corrected, new vocabulary taught, correct sentence construction written out and where all lesson materials are loaded. 


This is a shared and interactive document. Students have access to it for review and practice.

PRIVATE Speech Doc

The idea is to track each student’s progress.  Your English should be better in February than it was in January and so on.


This is a private doc between Andy and the student.

Check out Andy’s videos using news headlines to teach new words




and Fun

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