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Scott Havenor



and they certainly deliver on

that promise

Are you ready to have a rewarding life adventure,

travel and make some money?

Do you love meeting new people,

discovering new cultures and having conversations?

Buckeye English is looking for teachers

like you to join our team in Ukraine.

Since 2011, Buckeye English has provided useful, interesting and fun English language instruction to corporations, language schools and individual students. Our programs are unique and we are passionate about what we do because we know English can open up new opportunities for our clients. That's exciting!


Our hiring formula is simple: we hire great people, who love people and who are passionate about teaching English.

English teachers are in high demand and students are very excited to learn. We teach in a safe region and do not travel to eastern Ukraine.

We offer a special 3-month "come and see if you like it" contract as a Conversation Specialist in Dnipro, the 3rd largest city in Ukraine. Most teachers then extend and stay on for 9-months to a 1 year. Your job is fun, conversation based and we help you create a fun and exciting social life too.

Our students are fun and smart professionals in the 22-40 age range and our groups are small. Students receive grammar instruction from Ukrainian teachers and practice speaking skills with native English teachers.


If you meet these essential requirements, please apply today for immediate consideration:

• Ability to come and begin working in Ukraine in either of the following months: January, March, May, August, November
• Native English teacher from the USA, Canada or England
• 4-year degree with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience                                                       

• CELTA or other TEFL/TESL certification or equivalent experience
• Ability to adapt to and appreciate a foreign culture
• Strong people, communication and presentation skills, creative, flexible, friendly and energetic attitude with a high level of professionalism, punctual, willingness to learn, team player


Preferred Qualifications:

• Experience studying a foreign language

• International teaching experience

Teaching responsibilities:

• Teaching is primarily with corporate clients, IT companies and our Buckeye English school.
• This position is NOT A LECTURING POSITION. Our lessons are interactive, fun and useful.
• Up to 22-lessons per week, Monday-Friday, extra classes on Saturday are optional. Sunday and Ukrainian holidays off.


• Teachers who thrive and stay for 12 months make more than 30-thousand (UAH) per month. Your salary is more than enough for all your living expenses and entertainment. Your first month salary is 15-20 thousand Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH).  Why is it so low?  There is a two week learning curve to this position. Your first 10 days include getting to know the city, Buckeye English orientation and operations training, 10-15 hours of teaching, feedback sessions and observing a few lessons of our current native staff. Dnipro is our "work campus" and it takes a little time to learn where all the companies are located. This means we travel throughout the city to different offices. We advertise an "amazing work and life" experience and we deliver. Our "crawl, walk, run and thrive" approach works really well and our support team assists you every step of the way. Pay increases are given based on teaching load, classroom performance and length of contract.

• For the right candidate, we offer a  1-year  visa.

• A wonderful teacher support team helps you get started with your new work and life experience.
• You will be rewarded daily by the refreshing spirit and enthusiasm of your students.
Buckeye English pays for your train ticket from Kiev to Dnipro. All other travel expenses are the teacher's responsibility and are not paid or reimbursed by Buckeye English.


      All serious candidates should read the "Q and A"    


Skype interviews begin as soon as a candidate meets the above essential requirements and is OK with all the information in the “Q and A”. Only serious candidates who are ready to travel to Ukraine are encouraged to apply.




Send resume and cover letter to 

Andy Allinson, Director


Scott Havenor


Buckeye English advertises “an amazing work and life experience” and they certainly deliver on that promise.

It all starts in the classroom which I found to be the real highlight. After a while it does not feel at all like work, it feels more like getting together with friends for a nice talk. That talk can be about anything you want as long as it is useful, interesting and fun.

The students are mostly all 20 and 30 somethings working for IT corporations where they are all highly motivated to improve their English for both their current work and their future job prospects. Their levels vary from low to upper-intermediate. All can be understood but require different “massaging” to move their Ukrainian English closer to real English.

Your job is simply to get them talking. While doing so you will be making corrections and providing them with additional vocabulary/idioms/slang to improve and deepen their already considerable language abilities.

It is really a great gig.

Ukrainian people may seem cold and reserved at first but once you get to know them you will find that they are very warm and friendly, and extremely interested in the outside world. After getting acquainted, you will likely be invited out for various social activities. In a way it will be exchanging private English lessons for Ukrainian cultural experiences, but in truth, you will be developing deep and lasting friendships.

The city of Dnipro itself is a great place to live and work as well. The Embankment is wonderful for strolling or for just sitting and relaxing. The plazas are lively. The streets are tree lined with a mix of historic, Soviet and modern architecture. The cafes and restaurants are bustling and serve excellent food. It is big enough to have plenty to do, but not too big to be overwhelmed by doing it.

I stayed in the company apartment which is in the perfect location, near the Embankment, near the center, near all necessary shopping and walking distance to most of the clients. It is authentic Soviet living but it has everything you need. Upon arrival you will be assigned a “helper” who will show you the ropes in the beginning and then be there for you throughout for whatever kind of support you may need.

For me it was truly an amazing work and life experience that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in getting to know the real Ukraine at a pivotal time in its fascinating history.

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